Carers Information

Who are carers?

One of the reasons many carers are not identified by their GP practice is confusion around how to define term 'carer'.

A carer is a person of any age (including children) who provides unpaid support to a partner, relative, friend or neighbour who couldn't get by without their help. This could be due to old age, frailty, disability, a serious health condition, mental ill health or substance misuse. Parents of children who are disabled or who have a serious health condition are also considered to be carers.

There is a difference between a carer and a care worker or care assistant who is paid to provide care. This can be confusing, as some carers receive statutory payments (for example Carer's Allowance) or a direct payment for their caring role. However, even when carers are in receipt of such payments, they are still considered to be carers.

As many practice teams know, carers may not readily identify with the label 'carer'. Instead, they see themselves as someone's partner, relative or friend who is simply “doing their best” to help someone they care about.

Do you look after someone?...Let us know at Highfield Health and we can offer you support.

Carers Support

We would like to help you remain fit and healthy. We want to help you do this by:

  1. Easier access and flexibility with appointments when you need to see the GP or Nurse.
  2. Support from your GP so you do not feel alone.
  3. Free Flu vaccination
  4. A health check with your GP.
  5. We can refer you to carers services who can provide you with specialised information, advice and support.